Juanita "Nita" Davenport Hozey experienced a rocky road in her younger years. She and her husband Franky adopted two children and love all ninety-two of their Foster children.

As you read this book you will travel the roads leading to experiences that will change your life. You may find yourself steering into a new direction. Ultimately, the destination for life is to give love and to receive love.

Foster Parenting

"Often calls would come in the middle of the night. We took many ill children into our home and amazed the doctors upon their next examination. Love in the home makes children thrive."


No Problem is a Dead End

"I learned to say 'NO' to people who put a Stop sign in my face. I navigated through many circumstances in my life, which I share  with you in this book. You too, will benefit from the rocky, slippery roads, and the rock slides along the way.

Pack your bags, climb in for the road trip of your life. You never know where a right turn will take you. Be prepared for the unexpected and keep moving. The future will become clear and the destination attainable, once you learn to recognize that God is in control of all of the road signs."

Adoption - The Best Decision for Everyone

Children should never rotate from house to house, but be placed in their forever home. Their hearts need permanency.

Book Signing and Speaking

"Nita" Hozey is available to speak and sign her books. Please contact her at:

(864) 828-2990

Or Email at: NitaHozey@Gmail.com